Veggies and Your Health


As I mentioned before the site I am about to introduce you too is pretty good. It is well written and has great facts about why vegetables are an important part of good nutrition. Once you check it out, you will realize that someone has done some exhaustive research on the health benefits to you with regards to eating your veggies. Check it out: Gov Veggie Site.

In general however, some of the health related benefits to eating your veggies comes through the dietary fibers that you get out of vegetables. These may help lower your cholesterol and helps control your carb absorption.

Have you ever heard of net carbs? I was baffled for most of my life about what that referred to. Then one day I read an article that told me it is what the formula is to calculate it.

It is essentially carbs minus fiber. This gives you net carbs. The idea is that when we eat carbs, it spikes our insulin level and once that happens, your body goes into fat storing mode. Yikes!

However if you eat carbs with fiber, it slows down the absorption of the carbs and doesn’t trigger as much of an insulin response.

“I’m all about dat base, bout dat base,” so the song goes. Fiber is also actually all about dat base. Eating the proper amount of fiber helps your body avoid constipation and helps prevent diverticulosis. It can make a huge difference in your bowel health.

With aging comes a natural disposition for the potential of constipation. So, stay ahead of the game and protect yourself as you age. If you can’t eat your veggies, try juicing. It is often much easier to manage. With busy schedules, quick dinners, homework, school, work, and a social life, it is easy to simply get too busy to stay on top of your nutrition.

Go have a carrot after reading this, that way we know that publishing this information is helpful for you. Nutrition is imperative for good health.

So, what about juicing is good for you, and where do you begin?

The easiest thing is to start somewhere. Go to a store like Bed Bath and Beyond and a cheap juicer, try it out and see why you like it.

If you are like many others, you may find that you are willing to make juicing a more solid part of your life and can afford to go the extra mile to have a nicer more robust juicer.

The benefits of juicing are enormous. Overtime, you may actually find that you can’t live without it. You may even wonder how you went this far while ignoring the health benefits of incorporating a variety of vegetables in your daily regimen and diet.