About Me

JimmySupppppp friends? How’s it going? My name is Juicing Jimmy. Yeah that’s not really Dunkin donuts. ;-)

It’s time to ask yourself what Quentin Tarantino and Juicing have in common.

I’m so glad you stopped by to find out how you can benefit from juicing and eating your veggies.

Let me tell you a little more about me: I love juicing and ever since I saw the film on Netflix Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead….a Joe Cross movie, I started thinking. I want a transformation like his. Now, I didn’t have nearly the weight issue that he did, but what intrigued me was that his colleagues said that he thought more clearly when he did a juice fast.

So I thought I wonder if it could help me. However, even more so was what I found my friends noticing. They noticed that my skin was different. I was glowing.

That was it. I was hooked. I imagined that if I included juicing into my daily or weekly routine, it might help. So, that is exactly what I started doing.

I love to start my mornings off with a great big glass of freshly filter juice.

I don’t know why, (and it may be some psycho mumbo jumbo) but I feel more energized and ready to tackle my day once I have my juice.

This may because I cheat a little too by adding a scoop of my favorite pre-workout formula to my juice. I say you gotta live a little and who doesn’t like a little caffeine to get you started in the morning….Think Starbucks, need I say more?

Anyways, the health benefits of juicing has been great. I feel younger (I’m 41) and energized. The biggest thing that I have noticed though is really not me at all. It was with my wife.

She saw me juicing and tried it too. At first I thought she would be reluctant to want to drink it on a regular basis, but what I noticed when she did was her countenance changed. I wasn’t the only one who noticed. Her colleagues noticed too. She is a nurse and her nurse friends started asking her what she was doing.

She said it was the juice. Her skin glows when she juices. I know it sounds kind’a weird, but seriously it does.

She looks great. I know that if our skin looks this good, imagine how we are helping our insides. So there you have it.

The average guy turns into one of the “Juicers.”  And thus Juicing Jimmy emerged from the embers. (I was trying to make this sound all Quentin Tarantino and stuff.) :-)

You probably thought that since Quentin Tarantino likes blood and gore, that I was going to refer to juicing as some find of slaughter. Well it kind a is, but thank god these veggies don’t have consciousness.  At least as far as we know ;-)